Photo Galleries

Here is a link to a gallery of old restaurant photos I've gathered from other Boulderites. 

Here is a link to a gallery of photos of old restaurant menus.

Here is a link to a gallery of scans of 1997 Boulder phonebook pages.

I have added captions and credits when they are known. 

Thank you to all the old Boulderites who have contributed.

Also, here's a bunch of photos of Restaurants of Boulder Past from Jim Harrington's Pintrest page. (Also see his story from when he worked at the Best Western Plus Boulder Inn.)

If you want to send photos to add to the galleries, please email one at a time for consideration. Please don't send more than a few at a time. If you have a lot, please use Dropbox or Be sure to give credit where credit is due. Did you take the photo? Where did you get it? If you know who deserves credit, please tell me. 

Above is a frame of old restaurant matchbooks I made and hoped to loan to the Gondolier, but they didn't have a space for it. So, it lives in my Tack Room (tacky stuff). Click on it for a larger version.