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Ina Garten's Skillet-Roasted Lemon Chicken (made February 14, 2021)

Because I've lived in Boulder, Colorado since 1981 (then Niwot since 2014), and have been immersed in the local dining and food PR scenes, this was something I just had to compile. Over the years, I've chatted with friends (especially John Lehndorff who was the food editor for the Daily Camera and the dining critic for the Rocky Mountain News) about things like, “What used to be there before the Cheesecake Factory?” or “What was in the Frasca spot back in the ‘90s?” But I had never found a single list that included all the restaurants that have been in Boulder. So, I compiled one.



Some of my culinary adventures

Bredtopia's Artisan Rye Bread (instant yeast version) made February 5, 2021