I decided to add Niwot in 2021 because I can. I moved here several years ago and love it so I want to bring it into the fold for strictly selfish reasons. I still need a lot of information about what used to be here so if anyone can help, please send your knowledge my way.

As on the Boulder menu, these restaurants are alphabetized by the most recent restaurant at that address. All that came before it is on the same line.

1914 House – 121 2nd Ave (2016-current); Chris Finger Pianos storage (years?); Vacant (years?); Rev Taylor’s Country Restaurant [And a separately owned Rev Taylor’s Tea House upstairs] (1984-2000); Antique store (?); White House [grocery store opened by Reverend William Taylor] (1914-“)

Abo’s Pizza – 7960 Niwot Rd, B5 (1996-current); vacant (years?);

Warren, Carlson & Moore, LLP– 6964 N. 29thn St., Ste. 3 (years); Black Pan Pizza (years?);

Cimmini’s (formerly known as Pinoccio’s Incredible Italian) – 300 2nd Ave., (2019-current); Trepedda’s (1996-2019);

Vacant – 210 Franklin St. The barn and the Bader house together: (?-current); Colterra (2009-2018); Le Chantecler (years?); (?);

   Barn alone: Why Not Café [in an antique store] (years?); Office for CF&C Energy Resources (1982-1986); Rev Taylor Buffet? (years?); Antique store (years?);

House alone: The Christmas Place (years?); Biff Warren’s office (years?); Niwot’s first physician Dr. Dusef (1900-?), Frank Bader’s house (?);

Niwot Liquor - 361 2nd Avenue (years?); Trust Company of America (years?); Cream of the Crop [breakfast and lunch] (at least 1980s?); [Building torn down and new building built in 1980s] The Stagecoach [bar, sometimes called “The Roach”] (years?); Snack Shack – (at least 1955?);

Wise Buys Antiques - 190 2nd Avenue (1986-current); Niwot Antiques (years?); Curtis Confectionary (at least 1858-1961)

Little Bird [clothing and gifts] - 112 2nd Avenue (years?); Eye Opener [Coffee shop. Original location then moved] (years?); El Castillo’s [started here before moving] (~1974-late ‘70s?);

Fan’s Chinese Cuisine – 7960 Niwot Rd (?-current);

Farow – 7916 Niwot Rd. (opening Sept. 2021); Lucky Pie Pizza and Taphouse (2017-2020); Perry & Roane CPAs upstairs, Deborah Scott skincare downstairs (years?); Oil company (years?); Concrete company [new building built] (years?); Mr. Lee's (? – 1986 when it burned down); Cottonwood Cottage [romantic, harp player] (1971-mid ‘80s); A farm house.

Fritz Family Brewers – 6778 N. 29th St. (2021-current); Bootstrap Brewing (2021-2020); Antique store [moved from downtown] (years?); A1 Plumbing (years?);

Garden Gate Cafe – 7960 Niwot Rd. B4 (?-current); Ellie O’s (Late ‘80s); Café Cottonwood (Late ‘70s-1980s?);

Perry, Roane & Henley [accountants] - 149 2nd Avenue (years?); An ice cream parlor on west side [estate jewelry on right side] (years?)

Lefty’s Gourmet Pizza & Ice Cream – 364 2nd Ave. (1994-current); Nancy Reese’s residence [1st grade teacher] (years?);

Niwot Market [deli offers sandwiches, breakfast] – 7980 Niwot Rd. (2002-current); Grocery store (years?); Cottonwood Health and Raquett Club [with 2 pools, hot tub and racquetball court that are still underneath Niwot Market] (Late 1970s-?); Other grocery stores (years?);

Niwot Tavern – 7960 Niwot Rd. (2005-current); Flannagan’s Pub (1970s-2014);

Niwot Wheel Works (La Musette, stationary food trailer outside) - 101 2nd Ave. (2021-current); Powder Keg Brewing (2014 – 2018); Chris Finger Pianos (at least 1990s - 2000?);

Old Oak Coffeehouse – 136 2nd Avenue (?-current); Happy Mountain Bean and Bistro (at least 2016); Eye Opener [2nd location] (years?); Was part of Niwot Emporium building built [big warehouse with ~55 antique dealer spaces] after Livingston Hotel torn down in the late 1960s;

Persimmon Grill – 4400 Lake Valley Dr., at Lake Valley Golf Club (years?);

Raza Fresa – 7960 Niwot Rd., 11D. (2018-current ); Ajuua Mexican Restaurant (1970s/’80s?-2018); El Castillo (early 1980s?); Bistro San Tropez (years?); Daniel’s Table [French] (1980?);

Sachi Sushi – 7980 Niwot Rd (inside Niwot Market) (2005-current);

Subway – 7960 Niwot Rd, B10 (?-current);

Winot Coffee Company – 7960 Niwot Rd, D13 (2007-current);