Serving Boulder

All the restaurants ever in Boulder

The history of Boulder restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and markets with ready-to-eat grub.

How many times have you racked your brain trying to think of a restaurant you visited in high school or a bar you frequented in college when you lived in Boulder, Colorado?

Hopefully, Serving Boulder's Menu of Restaurants will help you answer those questions.

It's a work in progress and a social effort. At the bottom of the Menu of Restaurants page, is a list of "Unknowns" that I could use your help with. If you have any more information or corrections to share, please send an email. This list is updated and revisions uploaded as I have time, maybe every few months.

Lots of thanks goes to the I was in Boulder, CO in the '70s Facebook group who helped fill in most of the blanks. And, thank you to Karen E. who went to the Carnegie Library numerous times to get valuable information. Of course, much thanks to John Lehndorff, food writer extraordinaire, who inspired me to ask such questions and for being my touchstone to the restaurant world all these years. (Check out John's article about Boulder's food history, "Forty Years of Nibbling"). Mangia!  —

 Search Tip  In the Menu of Restaurants, use a search command to find the name of a restaurant. Otherwise, it can be hard to find by browsing as they are alphabetized by the most recent restaurant to occupy an address.

 What a trip back in time!
"All the memories came flooding back. It's been so much fun to read "Serving Boulder". I remember going to Kings after Boulder High football games, listening to Fred play the guitar at Fred's restaurant on the Pearl Street Mall and so many other fond memories of Boulder back in the day."

 Finally the answer to my question.
"It was driving me crazy...I couldn't for the life of me remember what was in the underground spot near the Boulder theater before the Himalayas Restaurant. It was the Sobriety Sarsaparilla and Sandwich Shoppe! (A 24 hour sandwich and Ice Cream Shoppe.) Now, I'm bummed to hear Himalayas is gone too.