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Harvest Restaurant's Gazpacho

A friend who used to work at the Harvest in the 1980s gave me this recipe.

1 #10 can    Diced tomatoes in juice (or 3 14.5oz cans)
1/2 TB    Garlic [I assume fresh, chopped?]
1 TB    Oregano or Basil [I assume dried]
1/4 cup    Olive oil
1/2 cup    Red wine vinegar
1/4 cup (or less)    Sugar
1/8 Cup    Lime juice
1/4 TB    Tabasco sauce
1/2 TB    Salt
1/4 TB    Pepper
1/2 12oz can    Tomato juice or V8 (or more)

Add (chopped):
2-3    Cucumbers (with peel for color)
2    Red, green, yellow bell peppers
Red onion

[Those are all the instructions I had, but it sounds pretty easy to figure out.]