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Southern Exposure

Bruce Monette owned Southern Exposure from 1987 to 1992.

All these recipes are in restaurant quantities. I wish you luck adapting them for your needs. If you come up with some quantities that work, please send them to bouldergourmet at aol dot com and I'll add them to the photo comments.

Here's a link to a collection of Bruce's Southern Exposure recipes which includes a few photos of the restaurant and Bruce (and even a menu from Calypso Grill, which he owned after Southern Exposure):  
Below are the recipes you can find in this album:

Antillaise Pitch Lake pudding
Bitchin' white cake (goes great layered with chocolate beet cake)
Caesar salad dressing
Creole chicken
Chocolate beet cake (Goes great layered with bitchin' white cake)
Chocolate ganache tarts
Chocolate Mousse
Creamy pecan dressing
Creole potato salad
Cubano black bean soup
Hurricane slaw
Killer cornbread muffin mix (to be used with Killer Cornbread recipe)
Killer Cornbread (use related muffin mix)Lemon ginger poppyseed vinaigrette
Louisiana sweet potato salad
Orange Dill Dressing
Peppered Pecans
Pineapple salsa
Sage onion soup
Smoked salmon quesadilla
Stamp 'n go catfish banana cakes
Sun dried tomato herb bread
Tarragon tomato dressing

Recipe for Bruce's award-winning Key Lime Pie is at the bottom of this article by John Lehndorff:

Menu from Calypso Grill