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Old photo galleries

Here are photos I've gathered from other Boulderites. And below that are scans of 1977 Boulder phonebook pages (thanks Jim!) I'll add captions and credits (where known) as I can. Enjoy the show. [If you have photos to share, that would be great. See below.] NOTE: I've noticed this no longer works on my Firefox (Mac) but it still works on Safari. I hope you can see it!

Old Restaurant Phonebook Pages

If you want to send a photo to add to the slideshow, please email one at a time to bouldergourmet at aol dot com for consideration. Please don't send more than one as my AOL doesn't like it. Even better, use Dropbox or Be sure to give credit where credit is due. Did you take the photo? Where did you get it? If you know who deserves credit, please tell me. Thanks!

Matchbook frame

A frame of old restaurant matchbooks I made. Click on it for a larger version.